Travel Snacks & Supplements

Travel Snacks & Supplements

Ok guys here are some of my quick favorite go-to travel snacks and supplements.


1 – Athletic Greens –I take these daily 365 no days off – CLICK HERE grab 20 free travel packs with order one if you wish to try.

2 – Brotein Candy Beef Jerky – Low sugar all grass fed beef – amazing flavor –easy to take anywhere CLICK HERE and get 20% off any order using code “JSF20”

3- Warrior Chia Bars – small efficient packed with fiber and I love the taste.

4- Power Crunch Bars – I like them best in the freezer but work great for travel amazing taste – packed with protein – low sugar and carbs

5 – Chia Seeds – pack these in a plastic container or small bag mix with water or oatmeal – great for omegas and fiber

6 – RX Bars – great for longer workout fuel –recovery all great ingredients – or as a treat with your beef jerky.

7 – GT Synergy – found at whole foods or other natural grocery stories – I pick these up when I get to my destination –great for fiber and omegas as well – super powerful live probiotics

8 – CBD Oil – I take a drop nightly as well to help sleep or it’s great if you get anxiety pre-flights it can help ease that – CLICK HERE get an automatic 20% discount –

Again if you have any questions on this at all please watch the video or if you need more detail just hit reply and I am happy to help.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

P.S. – Keeping your routine on the road is crucial to not only looking your best but also to move and feel your best. I always try to keep my routine as close to home as possible when I am on the road I would advise you to do the same.

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