Owning a Gym Sucks

Owning a gym sucks


(Now before I begin this headline is a little click bait because I love what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for the world but that doesn’t mean it’s easy)


I am going to tie this into all careers and jobs so even if you don’t own a gym or work in fitness you will take away some keys from this


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It sucks because there are times where you have to deal with tire kickers that just want to know the price and don’t care about the real benefits of a program. They only care being calories burned and being sweaty.


That my friend is not the greatest indicator of an amazing workout and more important doesn’t tell the story of what an amazing program should be.

Owning a gym sucks because it’s hard to find good coaches and it’s even harder to find good people who are good coaches.


Owning a gym sucks because you have work early and work late…forever.


Owning a gym sucks because at the start you have to wear multiple hats at first you wear all the hats – you are the CEO, Manager, CPA, Janitor, HR Department, Sales and Marketing Rep, and in charge of all Social Media.


It sucks because you take all the risk – you get all the blame, eat all the sh*t, deal with all the fires and the weight of it you carry until the business closes, you sell it or you die.



However on the same note owning a gym can be awesome –as the owner you get an insane amount of the praise maybe even more then you deserve at times.


When you own a gym…


You control your destiny….You are the CEO of every decision made.


You get to change people’s lives, everyday.


You get the choice on how to spend your day.


You get to choose who you work with.

You get to wear shorts to work.


You get to listen to 2pac all day…not in your ear buds I mean you can bang Pac throughout the entire building if you choose.


You get to create relationships, build a community, and have an impact on multiple generations of lives…. there is power in that, there is real legacy in that and it matters on some deepest levels… this is the real reason why I still get my a** up early everyday it’s for you guys!


Most folks stuck in the cubicles would trade places with you us gym guys any day of the week…. for the most part.


Owning a gym isn’t for everyone just like the office life wasn’t for me…. the key is as I always say do sh*t you love with people you enjoy


And I love fitness, sports, and play and the people I work with are pretty amazing so I will put up with all the other stuff because of that.


Again with every job there is give and take


Make more money take on more stress.


Make less money have more free time.


The amount of money you make in this life is typically on par with the amount of responsibility, pressure and stress you are willing to take on it.


And the mistake people make is thinking more money will some how buy them more happiness and that the nicer car bigger house etc. will somehow off set the pressure and stress of work.


When in reality for most people it does the opposite.


My advice: find something you love and are passionate about and pour your life into becoming the best at it. You might find it’s a great hobby, side hustle and who knows it might even turn into a career.


There is give and take with every job and career just realize you are in the driver seat and you can happy with what you do for a living – you just have to stop believing you are forced to do something only for a paycheck.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

Jeremy Scott ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

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