33 Ways to Stress Less

33 Ways to Stress Less 

I recently visits Hawaii for some work and some play…. but a big point of the adventure was to stress less.

Now I am a pretty low stress guy and don’t take myself too serious, but I am a solo entrepreneur in a very competitive space so it takes its toll on me like every small business owner.


So, I decided to make a podcast on 33 Ways to Stress Less in your life CLICK HERE for the full episode.

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Stress is a part life…..

For some of us more than others but we all deal with it.

When we stress our bodies go into this flight or flight – ride or die mode where we release hormones (cortisol)

Now this built in system is meant to protect us however, in case of chronic stress (most parents – career adults and American’s honestly it becomes a problem)

This constant release of cortisol can affect us in a negative way including…

Impairing your immune system


Increased belly fat (Visceral Fat)

Issues with Thyroid Function

Elevated Blood Pressure

Digestive Issues among many others…

That is just the physical response of our bodies…. not even talking about the emotional stress.

If you are ALWAYS stressed out, your body is creating a metabolic and hormonal echo system that is not ideal for fat loss or building muscle……in fact this stress can often cause weight gain.

Without further delay here are 33 ways to stress less: CLICK HERE

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

P.S. – One way I like to make life easier is to stress less is by using BEAM CBD prior to bed it helps my sleep quality and calms unwanted anxiety as well CLICK HERE to get 20% off anything on the site.

Any questions on any of their products and how I take it just hit reply.

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