People Don’t Just Buy Workouts

People Don’t Just Buy Workouts 

I recently recorded a podcast titled “People Don’t Just Buy Workouts” click here to give it a full listen.

It was born from an email my homie Pat Rigsby sent out and I am going to paraphrase it here below for you all as I found it to be pure gold….Enjoy


People don’t just buy workouts.

They don’t buy certifications or credentials.

They don’t buy the new racks, ‘bells and rigs.

No…they don’t.

They buy better versions of themselves.

They want to buy healthier, happier, fitter lifestyle

They want to buy a better life with more balance and focus on their health.

They buy an escape from their problems.

Ultimately they are buying you the skill set you have to improve their life in some area.

But is that what you’re selling?

Is that what you’re marketing?

When I look at most gym owners’ marketing & how they sell, it’s clear the answer is no.

They are more than happy to tout their credentials.

They are eager to talk about all the components of the program.

But they don’t spend a lot of time on the stuff that really matters…

…What the client is trying to ‘escape from’ and where they are trying to ‘arrive at.’

But if they think about the services they buy…it’s all tied to solving their problems, reaching their goals and making them feel better about themselves.

When I go to the …


Physical Therapist

Massage Therapist


Auto Mechanic



HVAC Technician


I am buying the craftsman and the person – they need to be f*cking awesome at what they do “a master at their craft” and also for me personally they can’t suck as a person ….to me that matters. People BUY YOU!

So to all the business owners out there if you’re not confident about selling or your marketing, take a look at how you buy services & solutions in areas that aren’t in your ‘wheelhouse’ or in your area of expertise

Do that and you’ll find the path to fixing the way you connect with and convert the people you’re trying to reach.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.


Jeremy Scott ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast 

Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~ Make Success Mandatory Author 

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