It Won’t Happen Overnight

It Won’t Happen Overnight

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It didn’t happen overnight for me and I can almost promise you it won’t for you.


In fact I think if you look at anyone you think is “crushing” or “has made it” or has had any form of long-term success (10 years plus) The sh*t wasn’t easy….


They took more than a few kicks in the nuts, punches to the face and have more than a few emotional scars to show from their journey to today.


Trust me if anyone gets it I do….

I’ve owned a gym for over 10 years now solo and have built multiple entities off Jeremy Scott Fitness that I feel have been more than successful to help my wife and I give back to the world and buy us a lifestyle with some financial security.

Many of you have seen me pop onto the “instagram” fitness space and or watched me through Men’s Health or some other major brand in the past 2-3 years.

I recently got a handful of comments on IG and the Podcast Reviews people saying:


“Jeremy you’re a legend”


“You’re crushing it”


“I want to be as successful as you in the game one day”


“I want to do what you do”


Now first off it’s very humbling for fitness enthusiasts, professionals and peers to say such nice things about me.


But for all the “success” “wins” and amazing, fun, cool things you get to see on the surface just know…. It’s been a struggle!

I have struggled to make this life happen more than you can possible imagine over the years.


It has taken a Herculean like mental effort to not quit 10,000 times over the past decade.


It has taken an insane sickening worth ethic that has exhausted me to levels I didn’t know my body was capable of on numerous occasions.


There were spans of the feeling like it was all going to come crashing down at any minute….


Keeping it 100% honest as I always do I think as a business owner you always have a little bit of that feeling buried deep down inside.

I never knew “success’ came with so much unknown stress, anxiety, and fear.

I am not a genius and things never came easy to me so I have had to die over and over again to become a “success” in this profession.

I had no idea it would have been this much work when I started out, if I did I honestly probably wouldn’t have even gotten into the fitness game.


You work way to hard and way to many hours for way too little money… at least for the first few years.


Even after that the hours can still be murder but thankfully the hours & money do improve over time.

But I speak to you here today being coined a “legend” as some of the Internet folks likes to say.

From the outside people only see sunshine and rainbows and the wins of today, and not the hundreds of losses I had for years…. and even the losses I still chew on today privately.

My point: nothing great happens overnight.


Nobody goes from Entry Level to CEO overnight, you can’t go from 3rd grade to the 10th grade in a year… you just have to go through the grades.


For everyone who sees me have in public “winning” you can rest assured there were 1000 major losses in private to get there.


It’s way more work than you can even imagine to do great things like many of you know it takes crazy work to….


Have ABS

Raise awesome kids

Be at sub 7% body fat daily

Make over $100K per year for most

Become a solidified millionaire

Pay off your student loans early

Own your home outright

Get over your public speaking fears

Write a legit published book

Have an amazing marriage

Kick alcohol and drug addiction


My point ~ you can’t be that naive to think you can do it 10 x faster than those who came before you, those people you admire and look up – they struggled more than you will know.


With everything amazing in life it will require more time, patience, effort, energy, and sacrifice then I can even explain to you here.


But the good news is if you truly want to live a life on your own terms and do things most average people only dream about…I am telling you it is possible.


If you are willing to slow yourself down on your timelines, display a level of patience that will make you question your sanity.


If you are willing to do work today for things that won’t pay off for 3-5-10 years from now you have a chance in this life.


If you are willing to love the suck of the losses and understand without the valleys there can be no peaks.


If you are willing to love the process of this life more than the fame, praise, likes, comments, awards and money will bring you from the end goal… you have a chance.


If you are willing to work harder then you ever thought was humanly possible…you will find success.


If you are willing to make sacrifices for numerous years that most people wouldn’t make for a week I can assure you that you can look, move, feel, accomplish more things, make more money and see more parts of the world you can even imagine.


Now, if your not willing to do all that I don’t see how those things will happen for you.


If you are not willing to put in the hard work, you can forget the success.


The hardworking way is the only way I know, I have said it before I didn’t start off this life off on 3rd base I had to scrap, claw and work for everything I have and still do this I have to and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.


You and only you will really know what you sacrificed to get there, and then you can look back at what you did, what you built and appreciate the struggles and the sh*t you had to eat to be the “legend” you are today.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

Jeremy Scott ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast

Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

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