Marrying a Fitness Entrepreneur

Marrying a Fitness Entrepreneur

Now I want to kick off by saying we are NOT marriage experts, we only know how to do things the way that works for us.


But we wanted to make a Podcast being as honest and truthful as possible about the good, the bad and the ugly of being married to an entrepreneur.


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What are the rules for a truly happy marriage?


I don’t think anyone of us really knows…but at our house we have some guidelines we like follow.


Now what works for us might not work for you or anyone else but this is our story and the ups and downs of a decade together.


Even the happiest marriages aren’t happy all the time; I know some days my wife probably wants to punch me right in the face…. some days I probably deserve it lol.


Like a marriages to work they require deep communication, fun, planning, curiosity, excitement, evolution, growth,




Even the happiest of marriages aren’t happy all the time. They require fluidity, communication, evolution, curiosity, and flexibility to work.


There is a give and take that needs to happen so you can understand not only what you need as a couple but as individuals.


You can listen to the 1-hour episode here on how we have rocked out together for the past 10 years and even if you don’t need advice from us…I think you can relate to more than a little of this and find a good laugh here and there.


Enjoy and let us know your thoughts or if you have further questions.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.


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