Why People Stay Broke, Unhealthy & Unhappy?

Why People Stay Broke, Unhealthy & Unhappy?


Before you jump into this blog – just know I did a podcast on this exact topic where I dig into even greater detail click here to listen to this episode of the Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast.


There are many reasons people tend to stay at their current station in life…now there are numerous factors that play a role in this and I am not naïve enough to believe otherwise.


But the hard truth pill to swallow is a majority of people stay Broke, Unhealthy and Unhappy for the same reasons.


Most people who were born broke and tried to improve their financial situation over time have failed.


Most people who have tried to lose weight, improve their health, and become happy have also failed many times.


Most of these people will try again, and again and again and remain unsuccessful.


I work in the fitness space that is the main area of what I do as an entrepreneurs so I have seen my fair share of this. I believe the failure rate of most professions is high I believe fitness to be one the highest.


People try and try and try and still fall short of their goals.


One of the biggest if not the biggest reason for these repeat failures is due to people struggling to stay consistent and have the level of patience required to win the long game.


Most people will spend countless hours looking for the next big thing, lottery ticket, gimmick, fad, magic pill and get rich quick scheme instead of just staying consistent with the basic boring non-sexy hard work methods that are proven to work time and time again.


If they are working hard at their job saving money for the future, budgeting responsibly they get impatient and want to jump on the bit coin train, or flipping houses because it looks so easy on HGTV or the hottest sexiest get rich quick scheme out there and they almost always end up back where they started discouraged, broke and often times hopeless.


If they are eating real food, exercising right tracking macros, they are seeing slow results (but still results) they get impatient and hear about their friend doing Paleo, Keto, or insert any sexy for a moment dieting protocol and they do that…. Instead trying to rush the process not trusting the process of the tried and true that is currently working.


These people are like the kids in Charlie and Chocolate Factory everyone wants the golden ticket that will solve all their problems but after all the time, effort, and energy looking for the “magic solution” they end up right back at square one.


This type of person always wants the easier route, the short cut, and the quick fix.


They spend more time wishing, dreaming and scavenging for the quicker, faster process to reach their goals.


In fitness we call them program jumpers going from one gym, trainer, coach and program to the next.


On the nutrition side they are serial dieters, searching one protocol to the next month-to-month seeing what new magic trick exists and what the next diet will bring.


I personally label them quitters, as they are never willing to see things through and give things a chance to truly work.


They lack the patience and courage to work for something today that they wont see pay off for weeks, months or even years…having patience is a skill you need to find if you truly want to reach higher levels of success and happiness.


Many people who fail to make progress tend to play the blame game and have a victim mentality and assume everyone who has what they don’t got lucky, inherited it, had better genetics, better parents, an easier upbringing, went to a better school….


They cop out of the hard work before even trying and justify it with language like…

Well they were born rich…

Must be nice to have your parents give you a head start…

They are just way smarter without trying

There genetics are better

Easy for them they don’t have any kids

They got so lucky


The list of excuses, phrases and trash like that I have heard over the years really is endless.


Are some of those things true?


Sure in some cases but not the majority… But lets play devil’s advocate here lets say all of that is true in your case –


You are the 8 billionth person on earth that’s your rank and everyone else has it better than you – more money, better parents, superior genetics, luckier breaks… So what?


Does it matter if someone has it better or worse than you at the start?


Is complaining, whining, and playing the victim going to change the fact you get dealt a crappy hand?


No…. in fact it only makes your life worse and slows you down from making progress and moving towards your goals.


People who play the victim are always looking at all the reasons why life is not fair and why they have it so much worse than so many others…. instead they could be taking that same time to develop skills, habits, rituals and routines to be successful.


Some of the most successful humans on this planet had it the hardest and have been dealt some crappy things in their life to deal with…yet they fought through it, rose up and are now thriving despite the same humble beginnings as millions of other.


Now sometimes life is just not fair and there are things people can’t control or overcome…I am talking the REAL life altering stuff here; fatal illness, freak car accidents that end in death the things you can’t come back from.


But for a majority of us we are in control of the course our life is on most of the time.


It’s those of us you can get up early, stay up late, sacrifice, work hard, be patient and love the journey of what we are doing today knowing it might not pay off big for 1-3-5-10 years from now….who end up successful and what I mean by success is – being happy, fulfilled, and jacked full of gratitude to be alive.


The people I have seen over the past decade who aren’t afraid to take some chances, you aren’t afraid to fail, who aren’t afraid to be themselves, who are willing to learn, listen and do the hard work most others won’t ….these people tend to win and keeping wining BIG year after year.

What type of person are you?

Think about it….

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

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