Why You Can’t Stick to a Diet?

Why You Can’t Stick to a Diet?

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But seriously…. Why can’t you stick to a diet?

Something has really stood out to me after nearly a decade of coaching people.

People struggle with proper eating and “dieting” …..and when I say “dieting” I simply talking about a lifestyle plan on healthy eating here. Not same BS fad plan for 30 days.

People struggle with the nutrition aspect far more than the activity aspect, however I do believe being active does lead to much better eating and drinking lifestyle choices.

Losing body fat, gaining muscle or just plain basic weight loss is a side effect of behavioral change.

Both your mental and physical habits good or bad are based off the behavioral patterns you practice day in and day out.

These behaviors are skills…. can be learned at any age

They can also be molded, shaped, and improved upon over time with practice.

And most important if your looking to change the way you eat and drink you aren’t going to get it perfect right from the start…..nobody does trust me when I say this.

But that’s what people expect…perfection from day 1….

But every skill you have learned in life has taken tons of time and practice to get good and your eating habits are no different.

Anyone out there golf how were your first few rounds? Terrible I bet…

Ever played basketball? Could play like MJ on day 1? Doubtful…

How did you learn to swim? Did you jump in the pool like Michael Phelps your first week?

NO you didn’t

Learning how to truly eat right is a skill that requires as much effort as all the above-mentioned if not more so.

Click Here to give the podcast a full listen and my take on how you become a healthier, happier, lifestyle eater.

Any questions on this please feel free to shoot me a message happy to help.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

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