Gym Owners Get Out of Shape Too

Gym Owners Get Out of Shape Too 

How could a person that runs a gym get out of shape?

I know it sounds crazy but it happens way more often them you think.


In fact I believe there are far more gym owners who are NOT in shape than that are ARE in shape…. especially the more “successful” they become in the business.


So, I decided to do a podcast on the topic you can CLICK HERE to listen.


Now I originally heard this from Vince Gabriel and mentioned:

“Being a trainer is physically and mentally taxing, people underestimate this.

Personal Trainer: There is long hours, most don’t get proper sleep, it’s very physical work and it’s emotionally draining trying to help people all day. 

Business owner Add the stress of hiring, finances, marketing, sales, negotiation, community outreach, customer service, staff training and all the other stuff that the owner of the gym has to do…it becomes an exhausting list…Not to mention, no one ever taught any of this stuff to you.

But when you combine the two, that’s where things get ugly.

When you combine the two for an extended period of time…bad stuff happens


Again, I know it sounds crazy to many of you outside the industry but it a real struggle to balance it all for most gym business owners….just like many of you.


CLICK HERE to hear my 2 cents.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.


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