Are Diet Sodas Safe

Are Diet Sodas Safe? 

We finally dug into this heavily requested Podcast Topic on are diet sodas and artificial sweeteners safe for you to consume.


Now I don’t want anyone to freak-out of have his or her heads explode when you listen. I am only spitting facts based on research and analysis from people far smarter than I am.


I also go into detail on how I use artificial sweeteners in moderation and I believe when used correctly and in the right context then can actually help aid people in their fat loss and health journey.


CLICK HERE to listen as I dive deep down the rabbit hole of the diet soda fake sweetener debate.


Again water is always king and should be the base of everything you drink daily but I am also a realist and want to educate you guys on how these things can or can’t fit into a healthy lifestyle.


Please listen and if you have questions after please shoot me a message I am happy to help.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.


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Scottsdale Personal Trainer

Jeremy Scott 




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