Quick Macro Tip

Quick Macro Tip ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness


I have shared this before but it’s a reminder that is often needed ???? ???? ???????? ????

Eating Real Whole Foods within Macronutrient ranges is critical for you to see and feel optimal results.

I am not saying you have to track your macros for life but for many of you at first I do think it helps with education and accountability to establish legit habits.

I am all for indulging and enjoying social eating ???? & drinking with friends ???? but planning for these events is key ????

It’s a 5-10 minute investment each day at most to track how and what you eat ….seems like a pretty small investment in time for a BIG pay off to your health.

Audit your schedule and be honest with yourself and if you do I am pretty sure you can find 10 minutes to free up to bring you closer to your goals.

As always any questions just holler ….have a kick ass Sunday everyone!

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