Why I Wake Up at 3:50am Daily

Why I Wake Up at 3:50am Daily…

Now because this image got so many comments and questions via Instagram I decided to dig a little deeper into why I wake up at 3:50am everyday CLICK HERE to get my detailed breakdown.


From a very basic standpoint just understand if you are reading this today that is a GIFT…

Below is a photo of what I see each morning when my “alarms go off” 



Admittedly I don’t need much external motivation these days, sure there are days where I would rather sleep in as it would be much easier to lay in bed watching Ninja Turtles eating Cinnamon Rolls and Cap’N Crunch (yes I am eternally 9 years old)


But I realized a long time ago the easy route today ends up creating a much harder road in the future.


Most people search for the home run and lottery ticket for success, when in reality it’s the simple daily rituals and routines we often overlook that will bring us the things we want.


Trust me I get it…. I am not naturally a morning person and it’s not easy getting up before the sun everyday but understanding it’s a real GIFT thousands of others won’t get makes it a much easier habit to create.


You have more gifts than you realize…


So no matter how god or bad life may seem today, wake up each morning grateful you still have one…. and make the most of it!


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.


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