A Decade Ago…

New Year –New You –New Decade….


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A decade a go


I was not a business owner


I was not a public speaker


I was not an author


I was not a husband


I was not homeowner


I was not an investor


I was a depressed kid who felt hopeless; I was totally broke with a negative net worth, zero social skills, possessing a negative mindset, I was selfish and only really thought about myself not to mention I was addicted to drugs and alcohol.


10 years later my life has taken a complete 180-degree turn –


I am a business owner

I am a public speaker

I am an author

I am a husband

I am a homeowner… (about 80 days from having it 100% paid off)

I am an investor

And I have more money then I ever dreamed of having.


I share these things with you not to brag to you about how awesome my life is.


But to let you know…


If right now you are going through some sh*t and things seem hopeless and you feel lost.


Just know you are not alone and it won’t last forever…. even if it feels like it will.


I was in your same shoes or worse just 10 short years ago.


And if you had told me at 25 years old that in 10 years this is what my life would look like I would have told you that you were f*cking crazy.


All great things take time but you already know this.


Just wanted to send out the reminder in case you feel like you are not making progress.



This is not a message about status, accomplishments or success but a message about being happy and filled with gratitude.


I am living a life than I couldn’t imagine possible just a decade ago.


The take away is if you work you’re a** off consistently day after day and do right by people all that hard work and good you put out into the universe is going to come back to you 10 x over.


At least that’s been my experience and I think if you give it time it will be the same for you.


Here is 2020 and hoping this next decade is even more bad a** for you than this one.

Until next time eat well train hard & be nice to people.

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Scottsdale Personal Trainer

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