Money Can’t Do This

Money Can’t Do This… 

Your wealth will not make you a better human.

Giant Homes

Fancy Cars

Expensive Jewelry

Designer Clothes

None of these material things has the power to make you truly happy.

Money doesn’t change us it just exposes us & amplifies who we already are.

If you are kind, giving and thoughtful money will highlight that.

If you are an asshole all more money will do is make you a bigger one.

I am not against money and material things.

But thinking once you get “wealthy” and become “rich” all your problems will disappear and you will find this sincere level of internal happiness…you are mistaken.

Money doesn’t change us it only amplifies and heightens who and what we are already.

The takeaway: if you are an awesome kind helpful human when you are broke you will be even more kind grateful and giving as you acquire more money along the way!

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

Jeremy Scott ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast

Scottsdale Personal Trainer Make Success Mandatory  



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