My Valentine’s Day Pro Tip$$$

My PRO Valentines Day $$$$ Tips…

Now this has nothing to do with “fitness” but as we coach and teach things it connects to other areas of your life.

Take it from a guy who has made every realationship mistake in the books on these quick fun Valentines Day Pro Tips to save you time, effort, energy and money. 

– If you are a dude get your lady something even if she says don’t …it’s a lie don’t fall for it GET HER SOMETHING –TRUST ME I been with the same women for 12 years now…learn from my early mistakes gentlemen.

– Also everything is marked up and overpriced for this “holiday” be prepared to overpay for stuff you could have got for ½ price the week before and can get for ½ the week after. Side Note- restaurants are packed with fixed menus and tend not to be as good on V-DAY – If you want to be a real boss trying to make dinner at home or if you can’t cook grab some good pre-made food from like a whole foods and heat it up and pretend you made it (it’s ok to lie in this situation lol)


-If you go the flowers route great choice- but buy them at the grocery store they are still marked way up but you will save you a ton of $$$$ compared to a fancier flower shop or service.


-The best gifts tend to be the ones you actually put thought in to – written cards – photos with meaning – real messages and things that mean something to both of you.


– – Have Sex …Valentines Day Sex is awesome….well all sex is awesome this day is no different –make it happen!

-Lastly you don’t have to wait for some commercial “holiday” to do something nice for your life partner. If they are really the most important person in your life do cool things like this all the time and never take them for granted (we are all guilty of doing this time to time

Wishing you all a most amazing Valentine’s Day.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people. 

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