Transformation Success Story

Transformation Success Story ~ Rachel Wantz ~  Jeremy Scott Fitness Athlete 

Quick shout out to one of our gangsters here Rachel Wantz she has made a pretty badass transformation over the past 2 years.


Sometimes seeing people everyday we as coaches don’t notice the little changes, but when you can step back and look at a bigger timeline snapshot –WOW the progress becomes evident.


I share this for one; to give her credit for kicking ass but for everyone else to see this is a 2-year process of healthy eating and training.


This is not her going for a crash diet, quick fix, trying to rush fast results that won’t last.


This is a person who eats well, trains hard and enjoys life as well going out for a beer on the weekends, indulging in her favorites foods with friends & family socially.


Everything she did to transform are all tings she is still doing to this day and will continue to do so moving forward.


It’s a lifestyle change and it didn’t happen in 14 days or even 40 days but like most great things in life they take time…. real results and real progress also take time.


The best part is this is a sustainable lifestyle she can keep forever.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

Jeremy Scott Fitness

Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast

P.S. –  If you are looking to make a lifestyle transformation shoot us a message and lets see how we can work together. 






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