We Paid Off Our House

We Paid Off Our House

You read the title right…. we paid off our house!


On February 26th 2020 my wife Heather and I paid off our house.


We made a decision about 14 months ago to go all in on becoming debt free and getting rid of our biggest and only debt…. OUR HOME.


The seed to do this was planted many, many years ago when my old man was able to pay off his house on a single income. I will never forget him showing me his amortization schedule and the check he made on the final payment…. I was blown away.


Now if you know my old man (think Clint Eastwood from Gran Torino) he doesn’t get excited or show much emotion often but he was proud to share this with me…I guess you could say it was a defining memory that I held onto all this years.


Maybe that’s why I got so obsessed with doing this so fast, because it’s a little more than just debt we owed, it was emotional for, and this goal me carried more weight which motivated the hell out of me this past 14 months.


You can listen to the full breakdown of the details by CLICKING HERE on the most recent episode of the Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast.


Was it easy? HELL NO


Was it always fun? HELL NO


Did we have arguments along the way? YES


Did we have to communicate on every dollar we spent? YES


Was it worth it? 100% and I would do it over again the exact same way.


It’s one the most freeing feelings in the world to not have to owe hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bank anymore for our home.


I share this podcast and quick message not to brag or say “look at us we are do awesome” –THAT’S NOT WHY YOU ARE READING THIS.


I am sharing this for anyone out there who is:


Struggling with debt

Feels trapped in their current financial situation

Drowning in student loans, credit cards or auto loans

Thinks they must have debt for the rest of their life


I am here to tell you – YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIVE LIFE THAT WAY.


If you are happy than this message isn’t for you.


But if you are unhappy just know you can change your financial situation and status if you get serious, get on a budget and get laser focused on your goals.


Trust me when I say this…. I grew up with no money.


I moved to Arizona 12 years ago with a negative net worth, no job, no real skills, and no resources.


I couldn’t have imaged being able to even afford a down payment on a house back then let alone having a paid off house outright by the time I was 36 years old.


But here I am today sharing my story with you.


If a kid like me can do it… you can too.


CLICK HERE to hear our full story and breakdown.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.


Jeremy Scott ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast 

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