10 Ways to Bring More Joy to Your Day

10 Ways to Bring More Joy to Your Day


I recently did a podcast on 10 Ways to Bring More Joy to Your Day.


I came across a post by Jairek Robbins a few weeks back I saved which inspired this episode here.


CLICK HERE to give this full episode a listen.


Here at my 10 ways for you guys to light up your day regardless of this weird season of life we are all in.




1 – Listen to your favorite music.


2 – Do some sh*t you love.


3 – Chat –Text –Email – Message someone you love.


4 – Watch 10 minutes of something funny.


5 – Make sure you laugh today – deep stomach belly laughing.


6 – Read a legit book or listen to an amazing podcast (like mine lol)


7 – Do a random act of kindness – a simple smile and wave to a stranger works


8 – Bring joy to a friend or family member


9 – Write a note to your future self of what you will do once this is over


10 – Make a top 10 list of your most joyful moments of your life.


I dig much deeper on the podcast if you want to listen, otherwise here is the outline for you to take and implement into your day.


All simple stuff that we often forget during crazy times, you have the power to change your mood for the better and you also have the power to bring joy to others as well.


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.


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