How to Strengthen Your Immune System

How to Strengthen Your Immune System

Now more than ever this should be the focus for all of us moving forward – Building your Immune System.

For that reason I dive DEEP into this on one of our most recent Podcasts CLICK HERE to listen.

I did a lot of research and connecting with fellow medical pros and fitness friends of mine like Phil Hueston who did a great written piece on this topic as well.

COVID-19 coronavirus seems like a horrible monster. But it is still a virus, even if it seems scary and horrible. The good news is that the human immune system is built to deal with viruses. Especially if you keep it strong and give it the weapons it needs.

Here are some quick notes on the HOW:

SLEEP –Quality Sleep

REAL FOOD – Protein –Produce – lean meats, healthy fats, green veggies, bright fruits, quality grains – REAL FOOD is always one of if not THE MAJOR KEY to your overall health.

WATER – min. 100oz per day for most of you much more.

EXERCISE – min. 150 min per week even walking counts

KEEP YOUR STRESS LOW – note exercise can help here

LIMIT THE BOOZE – 1 drink a day I guess is fine but not 3-4-5-6 drinks a day trust me this hurts you much more than you know – I talk in detail on the episode about this

SUPPLEMENT PROPERLY – Athletic Greens Daily Click HERE to grab 20 FREE Packs – Vitamin C – Vitamin D – Zinc – and more on the episode.

Those are the quick notes but if you want my full breakdown of each segment CLICK HERE listen and please share with a friend, parent, family members, and co-worker trust me education around this topic is key for them to live their best life (in my humble opinion)

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

P.S. – If you guys have questions on any of the podcast – foods- supplements – exercise habits I suggest just hit reply and ask I am here to help.

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