We MUST Be Better


I am sad … and at a loss for words unsure of what I can say to help.


But being from MN originally born and raised to watch all that has happened is gut wrenching…. and it’s hard to even focus on anything right now.


I have been sick to my stomach for days with all that is going on in our country. What happened to George Floyd is devastatingly terrible and this should NEVER happen, I am truly saddened on the deepest level. I am sick of the hate and destruction that has been taking place for far too long.


I am 100% against the hate, violence, bigotry and racism.


We can’t tolerate this.

We MUST be better.

We can better ourselves.

We can better our communities.

We can educate each other.


I will commit to being a difference maker in the change that MUST happen.


I hope you will join me with your voice and actions.


Love You Guys!

Jeremy Scott



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