Small Business Thoughts

This post is not about Jeremy Scott Fitness don’t’ worry we will be around long after this weird season of life has passed, but sadly many of the other small business out there in my community and yours will not be.


I believe small business is the backbone of our country, always has been always will be. Everyone is impacted in some way by small businesses whether you realize it or not.


Admittedly I am biased in my views owning and running a small business in America for over 10 years now.


With that said I have not been a fan of seeing so many small businesses being forced to close, suffer and sacrifice while other giant corporations and big box chains get ladled as “essential” and are allowed to operate.


In my opinion labeling someone’s business and honestly their life’s work as “non-essential” is wrong to put it politely.

Small business isn’t just a 9 to 5, for many who take the risk of entrepreneurship it’s a way of life. 

Small business is very personal. Every team member matters, each member strives for success & celebrates the businesses’ victories as if they are their own.


Every small business you walk into is somebody’s dream and for the fast majority I can promise you they pour their heart, soul, and every ounce of energy into it to deliver you the best experience possible.


So, during what seems to be a never ending season of life where certain states and cities have vilified various industries of small business, please show them you support anyway possible it means more to them than you will ever realize.


Until next time eat well, train hard, be nice to people & please keep doing shit you love with people you enjoy because your life is too short not to.

Jeremy Scott ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness ~

Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~Make Success Mandatory  

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