David Jack Podcast Interview

David Jack Podcast Interview with Jeremy Scott Fitness 

Chopping it up with my brother David Jack or as I like to call him Fitness Jesus. CLICK HERE for full episode.
Some of you guys might know him from his extensive work with Mens Health, Reebok, or his role on Katie Couric Show.
David is truly one of a kind, and I am sincere when I say Jeremy Scott Fitness wouldn’t be the same without him and I personally wouldn’t be the man I am today without his influence.
Not just for his mentorship in terms of fitness, nutrition, and health knowledge which he is one of the world’s best.
But because he is the most talented and generous fitness professional that has ever lived in terms of how he inspires, motivates and honestly how he not only connects people but elevates them as well.
I think you enjoy and get a ton of value from this episode.  Enjoy and subscribe for free on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play and all major podcast outlets. 
Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people. 
Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

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