Overnight Success Myth

Recently I did a podcast titled “Overnight Success Myth” I made this episode for no other reason than to paint a picture of truth about what it takes to find “success” in anything in life. 


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Full disclaimer ~ I don’t have any real special talents, I no smarter than any of you reading this, all I did was show up every single day consistently for the past 12 years trying to give my best to myself, my friends, family, and all of you who are part of our community. 


Let me share some conservative numbers for you…if anything these are under reported on the actual totals.


Over the past 12 years….. 


Newsletters Written – 1,972


Instagram Posts – 4,730


Facebook Posts – 5,000


YouTube Videos -1,300


Blogs Written for my site over 1,000


Emails Sent – 219,000


Group Sessions Coached 12,480


Personal Training Sessions 4,992


Podcast Episodes Recorded 425


Books Read/Listened to 600


This is not including any videos we have done for our private coaching programs or videos blogs; podcasts I have done for other brands. 


When I started out for many years, I was not only the owner, but also the only trainer, handy man, accountant, financial advisor, social media manager, video editor, and janitor.


I have sacrificed making personal purchases like buying a nice car or a bigger fancier house so I could invest that money back into myself and my business to best serve the people we work with everyday both in-person and online.


I have spent no less than $100,000 on personal development, conferences, and mastermind groups over the past decade to be surrounded and become friends with some of the smartest and most educational people in my profession. 


I have practiced for hundreds of hours speaking, coaching, and presenting into an iPhone and watching it back to see areas where I can improve.


I have given up more weekends, holidays, vacations, and time with friends and family than I can count in order to make this become a reality.


I have started work so many days prior to 5am and that ended after 8pm it even make me question my own sanity.


Currently I spend about 90 minutes per day replying to IG DM’s….and yes all those replies are from me personally.


There has not been ONE SINGLE DAY in the past 12 years where I didn’t work on this business here in some way.


Knock on wood – I have never slept in, missed work or called in sick not once. 


It has taken a Herculean like mental effort to not quit multiple times over the past decade.


It has taken an insane sickening worth ethic that has exhausted me to levels I didn’t know my body was capable of on numerous occasions.


There were spans of the feeling like it was all going to come crashing down at any minute….


Keeping it 100% honest I think as a business owner you always have a little bit of that feeling buried deep down inside.


I never knew “success’ came with so much unknown stress, anxiety, and fear.  


I work way too hard and way too many hours. 


From the outside people only see sunshine and rainbows and the wins of today, and not the hundreds of losses I had for years…. and the losses I still chew on today privately.


My point: Overnight Success is a Myth! 


Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

Jeremy Scott ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer  

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