Brutal Truths About Being Ripped

Brutal Truths About Being Ripped on the Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast 

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What’s a healthy level of body fat?

Data tell us that most guys can be healthy somewhere between 11-22% body fat. For females it’s between 22-32%….. these are ball park numbers based on what data you find.

Right now in America the average guy is around 28% fat, and the average lady is around 40% fat.

The average adult in America has unhealthy levels of body fat, so on this episode we talk about getting into a healthy weight ,  getting lean, and getting ripped.

But the question is how lean is too lean?

When does your fitness start stealing your fitness?

We tackle all that and more inside this episode.

We sourced some great info from our friends at Precision Nutrition as well as Travis Merritt and Dave Schmitz for this in depth episode. 

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Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.

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