130lbs Weight Loss Transformation Ethan Schiff

130lbs Weight Loss Transformation with Ethan Schiff 
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Chopping it up today with fellow fitness professional Ethan Schiff. Ethan went from 312 to 186lbs, from not being able to carry in the groceries to holding a 10-minute plank, and from not being able to walk up the stairs to completing two half marathons.
More importantly, he went from someone who did not understand his body to someone who can describe with certainty what makes him feel, move and life his best life every single day. We talk in depth about his journey from childhood up until today after losing 130lbs and keeping it off.
We breakdown all the habits, rituals and routines that allowed him to be successful and remain successful. Ethan was able to turn his transformation story into a career by starting Optimized Health Coaching. 
If you are looking to improve your eating, sleeping, training, mindset and time management habits this episode is for you. Regardless of where you are on your health & fitness journey there are some amazing knowledge bombs to help you build and keep the positive momentum moving forward. Ethan walks the walk and leads from the front with empathy and compassion to help others follow in his foot steps to live the healthiest happiest life possible.
Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people. 
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