Breathing & Biohacking with Michael Roviello

Breathing & Biohacking with Michael Roviello

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Going deep down the biohacking rabbit hole today with the Co-Founder of Optimyze Michael Roviello. The U.S Navy Helicopter Search and Rescue Swimmer Veteran spent years conducting helicopter search and rescue missions deployed around the globe as a helicopter rescue swimmer, combat search and rescue crewman and anti-submarine warfare operator deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2001 and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

Post military life battling with cervical spine issues, neurological pain and degradation, Michael turned to natural /alternative methods after fully exploring western science medical practices, spine surgery, pain management, pharmaceutical intervention and advice. Michael’s journey took him to the Amazon jungle exploring healing modalities used by indigenous people of that region using medicinal plants, diets and ancestral practices to explore the mind-body and spirit with great results.

Michael also found the Wim Hof Method using cold water, breathing exercises and a change in his mindset as a tool for self-healing and deeper understanding of self. Using lessons learned and research from his journey into natural and alternative methods learning from some of the best in their fields, Michael became a Wim Hof Method certified instructor teaching across the U.S and Mexico, and co-founded Optimyze, Mind, Body Breath.

Michael is a teacher by nature with a master’s degree in adult education and training, considers himself a student for life in the area of self-exploration, biohacking, wellness and ancient practices that have stood the test of time. 

On top of all that he is just a good down to earth dude who truly believes in and practices what he preaches. 

You can learn more about him at and on Instagram at &

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people. 

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