Doug White MLB Pitching Coach

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Going deep down the law of attraction rabbit hole with Doug White. He has taken his expertise as a major league pitching coach and combined it with his passion for personal growth to Co-found Soul Centered Workshops and the Mindful Vibin’ Podcast and to consult as a perspectives coach. His understanding and explanation of how emotions can guide an individual, allows his clients to harness their individual power to deliberately create their own life..

Doug’s career has spanned 17 years across 4 organizations leading pitching development and managing infrastructure changes along the way. Doug is the former pitching coach and director of pitching for the Los Angeles Angels. Prior to that he was the assistant pitching coach for the Houston Astros while also spending time as their pitching coordinator. White won 4 championships in his last 6 years as a minor league pitching coach while also being a part of two world series championship organizations.

Doug’s focus it to guide immersive experiences that allow you to feel soul deep love, align with your inner knowing, and remember who you truly are. This episode will take you guys for a ride so buckle up and enjoy. 

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