My Million Dollar Car

Podcast Episode 485 – My Million Dollar Car – Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast 


My Million Dollar Car: we are talking about my sexy 2008 Honda Accord with no radio & 167,000 miles on it and how driving it for the past almost 11 years has changed the trajectory of my financial life forever.

I go into great detail inside this episode on the hard fiscal numbers of how it allowed me to save and invest. I go deep into car loans, credit card debt, real estate and retirement savings for the average American.

I am not telling you what to do with your money and I am NOT telling you not to get a nice car (if you can easily afford it buy the Batmobile if you want)

I am simply sharing my story and how I went from being average and broke to being debt free and financially independent.

This is not a flex episode, this is just a story of basic finance, budgeting, spending less than you make, delaying gratification, being patient and living by a set of principles so the things you own don’t end up owning you.

The key message: pay yourself first, do something today your future self will thank you for and make money a blessing in your life not a stressor.

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