The Pro Athlete Journey with Malcolm & Jason Boone 

Episode 488 of the Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast 

The Pro Athlete Journey with Malcolm & Jason Boone 

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Chopping it up with The Boone Brothers Jason and Malcolm, both former professional athletes. We talk through their journey as young kid athletes to playing sports for a living.

We dig into the good, the bad and the ugly of sports life and the transition back into the “real world” once their playing days were over. They have taken their passion for sports and harnessed it into a new found passion for overall health and fitness.

They focus on the Three Pillars of Optimization – Fitness, Nutrition, and Meditation. Their Mantra is Eliminate Excuses, Commit to Consistency, and Prioritize Progress.

We also stumble onto gratitude and perspective during this episode discussing a near death car accident that give them an even deeper appreciation for the health space. You can learn more about them here: 




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