Words of Wisdom with BJ Gaddour

Words of Wisdom with BJ Gaddour Episode #513 of the Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast Click Here to listen. 


Sitting down with the Sultan of Sweat aka BJ Gaddour on episode #513 of the Podcast. BJ is the former Digital Fitness Director for the Men’s Health Brand, and the Author of “Your Body Is Your Barbell” We talk all things health, fitness, training and nutrition as you age and how you get and stay in the best shape of your life. We also talk about the fitness industry as a profession, how it’s changed and our journey through this digital evolution of the space. I am proud to call him a friend and there would be no “Jeremy Scott Fitness” without his influence, please give this episode a listen there is some gold in there for you. 

You can follow BJ’s instagram HERE and as well as his YouTube HERE both free and packed with great info. 

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