Do You Know What’s In Your Wine?

Do you know what’s in your wine? And Heather Scott’s Favorite Wine… 
Unlike other US food and beverages, wine bottles do not require a nutrition label or an ingredients label. And yet, in the US, there are 76 additives approved for use in wine making. While many are safe, others can be toxic. Because they are not required to be listed on the label, you are not aware of what’s in any given wine bottle. That’s why Dry Farm Wines has always lab tested their wines, and it’s why they spent months working with the government to become the first wine company to publish nutrition and ingredients information on their bottles. While they have published much of this information online, this will be the first time it is on printed labels.


In green, you’ll see the most important parts of the label, which you will not find on wine labels from other wine companies. This includes:

  • A full Serving Facts panel, with lab results from a certified food and beverage lab that gives you accurate nutritional information about the wine you’re consuming.
  • An accurate ingredients list, which tells you exactly what’s in the wine you’re drinking (and you won’t find any nasty additives or chemicals in any bottles from Dry Farm Wines).
  • Lab tests, which give you exact measurements of alcohol, sulfites, and sugar.

I’m proud to support companies who drive innovation, transparency, and healthy change in our nutrition and wellness industry. Check it out for yourself, and if you sign up for Dry Farm Wines today using the link HERE you’ll get an extra bottle in your first box! This happens to be Heather Scott’s favorite wine brand and the one she trusts to indulge in. 

As always any questions please just ask we are happy to answer. 
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