Core Conditioning

Is your CORE a weak point?

Or maybe you are just looking to lose a little extra belly fat? 

Are you tired of doing “crunches” “sit ups”?

Are you tired of doing the same old workouts?

We have the answer for you and it doesn’t involve sits up or crunches, we breakdown CORE training the right way.

Join the hundreds of others we have helped melt away that extra belly fat and really strenghten their CORE the correct way, with proper training & nutriton education. 


 Join our High Intensity CORE Conditioning Program – All ABS –

Every Thursday 9:15am-10am – One Intense ABS Session Per Week

Spots are limited so RSVP today to save your spot!

 This is a great bonus to any fitness program and espeically our award winning group metabolic training.  

Every Thursday 9:15am -10:00am 

Most people think that doing endless boring crunches or 100 sit-ups a day will help them get those flat, sexy abs….

Or they are tricked into waste their hard-earned money on the various “ab gizmos and gadgets” sold in infomercials promising the answer to belly fat blues.

What I say to those people “Leave the crunching to the accountants this tax season!” and STOP WASTING your time and money on things that are proven to NOT work!

I’m about to change the ABS game and the way to do abs workouts FOREVER!

It’s called JSF CORE Conditioning Program

This is my Mother Janet in her 50′s with ABS

-If she can DO IT so can YOU!!!


You will learn more in 1 month about how to train your core, how to approach your “cardio”, how to eat to not only get lean BUT stay lean in this program than you have learned your entire life….I promise you that!

If you are serious about trimming your tummy and blasting away that extra blubber invest 45 minutes of your week with us ever Thursday from 9:15am-10am.

These tried and proven workouts that blowtorch the fat that’s covering up those sexy eye candy muscles while SIMULTANEOUSLY developing that rock hard midsection. So, you won’t only look strong – YOU WILL BE STRONG and look like a sexy rock star as a bonus!

I have found the best way to lose your gut is to use total body interval training workouts where you alternate between short all-out bursts of high-intensity effort and active recovery periods…this something that will take you guys to the next level in your fitness.


The time is now to start jumping in on the JSF CORE Conditioning bandwagon that will sky rocket your metabolism and have you burning fat and building muscle for the following 24-48 hours… even when you’re doing nothing!

And by sneaking in extra core work during “active recovery periods” you focusing your workout time on the one area people need help with the most…. Which will ensure you will be trading in that keg of a gut for six-pack before you know it!

This JSF CORE Conditioning PROGRAM Includes –

~Weekly Group Nutrition Coaching Education

~ Detailed CORE Focused Training Education

~ Intense Metabolic training to Melt Belly Fat Boost Your Metabolism

~ Supplementation Breakdown for FAT LOSS – What REALLY works?

~ Custom TO-GO CORE Training Workouts Made for You

~ Special Contests –Prizes –Giveaways and Much, Much More…..

Every Thursday 9:15am -10am

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