Jeremy Scott Fitness Youth Fitness

Jeremy Scott Fitnes Strength And Conditioning


WHO: Youth Ages 7-12*  

WHEN:  Every: Monday & Wednesday

TIME: 4:00 – 5:00 p.m

COST: $119 per month  ~ (Sibling Discount Available) 


Strength and Conditioning training focused on whole body approach; Strength group sessions are structured to be full body strength workouts.

These types of workouts are our #1 priority build lean muscle. Youth will learn how to do exercises with barbells, dumbbells, TRX, sleds, and Battle Ropes. We will work to improve their speed, ability and overall mobility, which can be applied to any sport, they wish to pursue.

Everyone goes at their own pace, but each week push yourself to lift a little more than you did the week before.

Some of the additional benefits you youth will gain from working with JSF Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist:

Improved Mobility & Flexibility

Safe proper Lifting Form

Correct Dynamic Warm Up Routines

Overall Power

Improved Stability – Strength – Agility

Education on Proper Nutrition for Performance & Lifestyle Health

Jeremy Scott Fitness 

Scottsdale Personal Trainer ~ Youth Fitness Camps