Top 5 Myths about Kids Lifting Weights

Top 5 Myths about Kids Lifting Weights

Gust post today from our Youth Program Head Coach Jacob McLaughlin.

Since I work with youth athletes of all ages, many times I have parents asking me a lot of the same questions, many times it’s because they heard it from someone down the street who doesn’t know what they are talking about.

I figured I would put an end to the top 5 myths I hear from parents when it comes to their children exercising/ weight lifting:



  1. It will stunt their growth


  1. There is a specific age when it’s okay to start lifting weights


  1. It will Lead to injury


  1. It makes them worse at their sport


  1. They will gain too much muscle too fast




  1. Weight lifting won’t stunt your child’s growth, it will actually help them develop stronger bones.


  1. Kids play at play grounds at all ages you don’t think money bars and jumping from high heights is exercise or a weight lifting activity? Kids love being active and want to move… they pick up things whenever they are exploring and as long as they are properly coached,  weight lifting/ exercising is one of the safest activities they can do.


  1. Proper exercise technique will actually decrease the likeness of injury.


  1. Again, weight lifting and exercise will lead to a stronger and faster athlete, which in return will make them better at their sport.


  1. I WISH. Genetics are a real thing and even though everyone I meet somehow grows muscle by just touching the weights it’s actually not the case. Muscle takes time to grow and especially in youth athletes you won’t see much muscle growth until puberty is in full swing due to hormones!


I hope this article helped you answer any questions or concerns you may have about your child training.


Here at JSF, I take youth training very seriously, but also want to make sure the kids have fun.

FORM is always number 1 concern, because that is where they will see the benefits and avoid injuries.

If you want to learn more click here or shoot us an email we are happy to connect with you about your youth and their health/fitness goals. 

So until next time …do something active and live the life you want!

Jeremy Scott Fitness ~ Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

Scottsdale Youth Fitness 

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