The Top Nutrition Mistake Parents Make with Kids

The Top Nutrition Mistake Parents Make with Kids


Guest post by our Youth Coach Jacob McLaughlin 

Now before I start this I don’t want any parents to feel bad if they have done this before, but hopefully after reading this you will be more mindful in the situation…


The top mistake I see when it comes to nutrition with parents and their kids is when they forbid certain foods, tell the kids they can’t have a certain food, or make comments that relates to weight!


The reason these are mistakes:

  1. When you tell someone they can’t have something what happens? They focus on having the thing they were just told they can’t have. This is true especially when it comes to kids and food.
  2. Even though many parents don’t think comments they say to their kids have a lasting impact they are wrong. It could be as simple as “ You need to cut back on the bread” or “Have you been eating extra food lately?” these comments seem harmless, but they can stay with kids because here is the honest truth…… If your kid is bigger they already know that. They can see themselves in the mirror and I promise comments have been made at school. The last thing they need to hear is anything from their parents on this issue.


What you can do instead is encourage your kids to try different options. Maybe have them eat their protein source before having any sweets. Try to get creative with healthy dishes and seasonings to make the healthy foods delicious to them.


Again, I don’t want you to focus on what they can’t have just try adding different options.


For example, if they are eating way to much junk food try… A) Stop buying it= they can’t eat what they don’t have….

  1. B) Have them have a healthy option before they have the not healthy option so that they hopefully eat less of the bad option and eventually over time will grow to like healthier options.


Just remember kids need to develop a healthy relationship with food because this is a life long battle. We don’t want to start bad relationships young that can be hard to break in later years. Just remember everything in moderation and make sure your kids are staying active.


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