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Why You Can’t Stick to a Diet?

Why You Can’t Stick to a Diet? In a recent episode of the Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast we dive into one of the biggest issues people struggle with “Why they can’t stick to a diet” CLICK HERE to give the episode a full listen. Or if you want to watch me ramble on I you […]

My 17 Money Rules

My 17 Money Rules   I recently recorded an episode of the Jeremy Scott Fitness Podcast titled “My 17 Money Rules” CLICK HERE to give this detailed 60 minute episode a listen. This episode is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play simply open the podcast app on your iPhone or Android and listen.   For […]

The Power of A Patience Plan

The Power of A Patience Plan by Jeremy Scott As the saying goes patience is a virtue and in today’s busy instant gratification society, it holds even truer then when it was first spoke years ago. We have become obsessed with instant feedback, instant fame, instant news, instant results, instant everything… So to many people […]

Gluten FREE Pizza – Crispy Prosciutto

Gluten FREE Pizza – Cripsy Prosciutto – Jeremy Scott Fitness  If you guys are anything like me you love pizza, I always say this “I could eat pizza everyday”…..  Well for you guys out there living the gluten free life, here is another kick ass pizza recipe that we made over the weekend that you […]