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How to Lose 90lbs and Keep it OFF!

How to lose 90lbs and keep if OFF! Where your focus goes your energy flows….. It really is the simple. What you focus on your future will be I can almost 100% promise you that. What you focus: Your Time on Your Effort on Your Thoughts on Your Energy on YOU WILL GET.   My […]

80lbs Transformation – 1 Year Stacy Dill

80lbs Transformation 1 Year: Beast of the Month – Stacy Dill – Where are you originally from? San Diego CA   How long have you been coming to JSF? 1 year   What was your fitness regimen prior to JSF and what made you
choose/switch to JSF? I spent week day mornings at 24 Hour Fitness […]

Transformation Opportunity Apply TODAY!

****TOTAL BODY & LIFE TRANSFORMATION OPPORTUNITY**** Looking for 20 highly motivated people who want to make drastic changes in their entire life including their body, nutrition, relationships, career goals, mindset and overall health – mental, physical, emotional.   NOTE – this is 100% FREE to you, we would normally charge $499 for this type of […]

95lbs Fat Loss Body Transformation

95lbs Fat Loss Body Transformation ~ Lissy Shoppa  Jeremy Scott Fitness Athlete    I won’t waste your time today, I will let this video and the amazing before/after photos do the talking and tell the transformation story of Lissy.    As you can see this mother of 4 kids dropped an amazing 95lbs of fat […]

Athlete Success Story ~ Missy Rumple

Recently we asked one of our bad ass athletes to share her success story her name is Missy Rumple!   I started at JSF the first week of December 2012 after seeing the scale at Thanksgiving hit 206 (and 40% body fat). [My average adult weight in my 20s was around 170lbs and size 10/12). […]