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Know Who You Really Are

Real Talk …Know Who You Really Are! Who you are is so much more than your car, your house, your bank account, your abs, your posts, your likes, and your social media bio. Our selfish egos love to compare ourselves to others in terms of looks, money, job title and everything in between. And for […]

Why Meal Plans Suck?

Why Meal Plans Suck?  I had to drop a podcast on this topic to really get into the details of why I not a meal plan fan.  The biggest question I get from most people who start our programs are….  Do I get a meal plan?  The answer is NO…..  And here is the reason […]

Less Is More….

Less Is More by Jeremy Scott Fitness  Sometimes less is more, take a ride with me for a second as I explain…. Think of your life with Less…… Less Debt Less Stress Less Drama Less Problems Less Material Stuff Less Obligations Less Distractions You get the idea here…..   Now think of a Life with […]

5 Steps to Get Rich Fast

5 Steps to Get Rich Fast by Jeremy Scott  Make Success Mandatory  Welcome, I am about to tell you in 5 quick-easy-simply steps how to get rich and more important for many of you how to get rich fast! Now before we begin I want to make something clear being rich and having a lot of money […]

Repair- Recover -Sleep & You

Repair -Recover -Sleep & You -Jeremy Scott  Eating right is important, being active is important, training your ass off is important, but so is rest & recovery. Often times in the world of being a “bad ass” we overlook the importance of things like stretching, soft tissue work: foam rolling, mobility and other corrective work […]