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Rich Froning CrossFit & Nano 3.0 Reebok

Rich Froning CrossFit & Nano 3.0 Reebok Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness #Livewithfire Ok guys lets jump right into this we are talking my favorite training shoes the Reebok Nano and now the new and improved Nano 3.0 If you guys haven’t seen me rocking these or seen them in stores check them out […]

Reebok ATV 19 – Jeremy Scott Fitness #livewithfire

-Reebok ATV 19 – Jeremy Scott- #livewithfire  -Jeremy Scott Fitness -Scottsdale Personal Trainer –    CLICK HERE FOR ALL ATV 19 Styles-Colors  Keeping it quick today for you guys, you have probably seen me rocking these new Reebok ATV’s during training sessions, on instagram, or my daily visit to the grocery store if you are […]