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Are YOU Making Yourself Sick?

Are YOU Making Yourself Sick? Jeremy Scott Fitness  Now by the title I might have miss led you slightly, but in all honesty we are talking about a depressing sickness many people put themselves into day-after-day…..this constant self comparison to other people’s bodies! So your sitting at home watching some award show with all these […]

Reebok Z-Quick Jeremy Scott Fitness

Reebok Z-Quick “Get Unatrually Quick”  The following blog post is sponsored by Fitfluential on behalf of Reebok Ok kids you know what time it is, we are back talking kicks and this month we have the NEW Reebok Z-Quicks! To jump right into the basics the “Real Talk” – the new Z-Quick kicks are sleek, […]

Reebok Nanossage – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Reebok Nanossage – Jeremy Scott Fitness Roll and recharge with Reebok CrossFit Nanossage for your next workout. Back with something a little different here for you guys – the Reebok Nanossage! I made a video below so you guys get a better feel for these kicks. Per my friends over at Reebok they describe them […]

Reebok CrossFit Nano Speed

Reebok CrossFit Nano Speed Jeremy Scott Fitness   We are back and once again we are talking Nano’s – more specifically the new Reebok CrossFi Nano Speed of as I call them the Speed Nano……Why? Well because I am weird like that and for some reason I always want to say Speed Nano so that’s what […]

Paleo -Not Just For CrossFitter’s – Kelly Groff

PALEO– IT’S NOT JUST FOR CROSSFITERS by Kelly Groff – Team Jeremy Scott Fitness When you hear Paleo most people think of crossfit.  But what is Paleo and why does it seem to only be linked to crossfit. Paleo is short for Paleolithic or also called the Cave man diet.  It’s a simple eating lifestyle […]

Rich Froning CrossFit & Nano 3.0 Reebok

Rich Froning CrossFit & Nano 3.0 Reebok Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness #Livewithfire Ok guys lets jump right into this we are talking my favorite training shoes the Reebok Nano and now the new and improved Nano 3.0 If you guys haven’t seen me rocking these or seen them in stores check them out […]

Reebok: Reebokalypse Now – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Reebok Shoe Crazy Reebokalypse  Now– Jeremy Scott Fitness   New Shoe month at my house in sunny Scottsdale!!! Ok I have gone shoe crazy once again, I had been doing so well for so long too! But my recent trip to Reebok Headquarters pushed me right off the wagon and back into shoe mode!!!   […]

Reebok CrossFit One & Jeremy Scott Fitness

Reebok CrossFit One & Jeremy Scott Fitness   This past week I was fortunate enough to visit Boston and the Headquarters of Reebok with some of my fit friends from Fitfluential. To say I was blown away from the entire experience would be an understatement; everything from the facility to the products to the staff […]

Reebok Review – Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Recently I was fortunate enough to hook up with Reebok and try out some of their new athletic apparel, over the past few weeks I have been training with their athletic shorts, tops and the Realflex Transition 2.0! They come standard with the black or grey laces – I opted to add my own fresh white […]