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Support Is KEY To Your Fitness Success

Support Is KEY To Your Fitness Success – Kelly Groff Team Jeremy Scott Fitness  I have heard many people s tart their fitness journey and then stop, they lose weight and then they   gain it right back. I used to be one of these people. I became like a yo-yo.  I would start my journey […]

6 Reasons To STOP Bitching About Your Life

-6 Reasons To STOP Bitching About Your Life – by Jeremy Scott of Jeremy Scott Fitness  This blog is not about training, intermittent fasting, gluten free, paleo, carb backloading, tababtas, CrossFit or anything in that universe. This message is about something much more important than strength training and nutrition….and yes there is things more important […]

Fat Loss For 2013 – Eating The Right Way To Get Lean

Do you want to FINALLY lose the fat in 2013? Do you workout regularly? Do you kill yourself doing workouts? Still not seeing the results in the mirror? We have the answer; it’s time to stop wasting your life working out for minimal or no results. Don’t take it from us see what our clients […]

Reebok CrossFit One & Jeremy Scott Fitness

Reebok CrossFit One & Jeremy Scott Fitness   This past week I was fortunate enough to visit Boston and the Headquarters of Reebok with some of my fit friends from Fitfluential. To say I was blown away from the entire experience would be an understatement; everything from the facility to the products to the staff […]

Charity Boot Camp for LLS – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Hey guys if you are around Saturday November 10th at 8am and 9am we are helping out a JSF Athlete – Sara Miller  is trying to raise some funds for LLS. – Half of all the proceeds will be going to her and the LLS pledge she has made. Please stop by if you get […]

#GetAfterIt – Reebok & Jeremy Scott Fitness

#GetAfterIt – many of you guys have seen me # this as of late and have probably seen me rocking the @ Reebok shirt as well. From an everyday standpoint the shirt is great – lightweight has that nice stretch fit feel and fits me like a glove.  But I want to venture a little […]

50 Day "Save Your Stomach" Survival Guide – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Jeremy Scott Fitness 50-Day “Save Your Stomach” Survival Guide If you don’t want to see your waistline grow from now until 2013 –this is for YOU!  November 12th – December 31st  – 50 Days for $50  Ok guys here it is simple, effective, nothing fancy, I am not going to sell you on this one […]

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake and More….Jeremy Scott Fitness

I love food just as much as the next person, and my close friends can back me on this from time to time I like to indulge on everything from Pizza to Ice Cream. Now while nothing beats the real thing, there are alternatives to your favorite treats that can keep your macros and nutrition […]

3rd Halloween Boot Camp – Pumpkin Workout

Jeremy Scott Fitness 3rd Annual Halloween Boot Camp -Bring Your Own Pumpkin Team Jeremy Scott Fitness will be holding a special Halloween Boot Camp -Pumpkin Workout on October 27th Saturday at 8:00am and 9:00am Costumes are encouraged!!!!! Location -7464 E. Tierra Buena Lane Scottsdale, AZ 85260 – Right down from Cracker Jacks in Kierland area […]

PROLAB Pumpkin Spice Latte – Jeremy Scott

If you are like me you drink coffee or espresso specifically in my case, and being it’s that time of the year I thought we could add a little pumpkin kick to your morning wake up call. So here is a little PROLAB Pumpkin Protein Spice Latte Instead of dropping $6 at Starbucks and packing […]