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Should my Child start Strength and Conditioning?

Should my Child start Strength and Conditioning? Should my child start strength and conditioning? This is a common question I receive and figured I would touch on it today. Is there a RIGHT age for teaching kids to lift weights or doing strength training? The answer is no…. and before I have all my critics […]

The #1 Reason You Aren’t Getting Results – Jeremy Scott Fitness

The #1 Reason You Aren’t Getting Results  Why are you not getting the desired results you want? Why are you seeing others around you get lean and drop dress/pants sizes while you stand still? The answer my friends in one word is “Accountability” that’s right you are not being held accountable in your eating. Nutrition is the […]

Matt Browne – 4th Coast Fitness Guest Blog – Jeremy Scott Fitness –

Hey guys I am excited to share with you an awesome guest blog about building strength from Matt Browne, the creator of 4th Coast Fitness http://www.4thcoastfitness.com/ – Matt has one of the top young training minds in the game, he holds certifications from ACE as a Personal Trainer and Advanced Health-Fitness Specialist in addition to […]