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Corrective Exercise Season – Jeremy Scott Fitness

This Season of Jeremy Scott Fitness Camp we are putting an even bigger focus on Corrective Exercise.  Why you ask? At the root, we want you guys to not only look like sexy rock stars, but more importantly feel like rock stars 24-7-365. Looking the part is great and will impress the opposite sex, but […]

JSF Member of the Month – Heidi Hopfenspirger

JSF Member Spotlight Heidi Hopfenspirger Where are you originally from? I was born in Iowa and lived in Minnesota and North Dakota as a kid.  I then moved out west to Idaho, Oregon and Washington, then finally Arizona.  I’ve been in Arizona 14 years.   How long have you been coming to JSF boot camps? […]

Jeremy Scott Fitness – ABC 15 Sonoran Living Live

Hey guys last week if you didn’t catch it, Dave and I were on Sonoran Living Live showing the viewers at home how to get a kick ass workout done with just a towel. The best part is you guys can do this in your living room, even if you have carpet just grab some […]

Truth and Lies about Core Training- www.jeremyscottfitness.com

Before I even start this blog about “ABS” let me say you need to be willing to give up a few things if you really want to see results. It comes down to how bad do you want it? Every night you can turn on the T.V. and see another amazing ab machine or device […]