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Damage Control Thanksgiving Day

The Thanksgiving Day DAMAGE CONTROL Workout Jeremy Scott Fitness – Scottsdale Personal Trainer  Ok guys here it is our 5th Annual Thanksgiving Day “Damage Control” Workout that will be brutally tough, I know I always say “easy day” but not Thursday so be prepared! – Like always there are multiple progressions for all ability levels. […]

Gluten Free Chocolate Protein Almond Butter Cookies

Gluten Free Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies  Jeremy Scott – Get Lean Gluten Free  What You Need……. 1 canned pumpkin puree  1 scoop PROLAB Chocolate Protein Powder  1 cup egg whites  1 cup almond butter (I used Justin’s)  1/2 cup cocoa powder  1/2 cup flaxseed (I used Bob’s Redmill)  Stevia – I used 6 packets of […]

Sweet Potato Chicken Gluten Free

Sweet Potato Chicken Sandwich Gluten Free Jeremy Scott – Get Lean Gluten Free Making chicken the same old way day after day gets old……. Here is a quick easy Mini Sweet Potato Chicken Sandwich that is great for a snack, lunch, dinner, and to grab on the go! Check the video below and see what […]

Get Lean Green Detox Smoothie

Get Lean Green Detox Smoothie Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness Get Lean Gluten Free Start off your 2014 by including this Get Lean Green Detox Smoothie into your daily routine. Get yourself a high power blender such as a Vitamix or a Ninja, which is what I currently have and it, works great! I […]

6 Week Get Lean Transformation Contest

6 Week Body Transformation Contest  Jeremy Scott Fitness If you want to REALLY make a change –CLICK to get started NOW!!! Hey guys the 6 week Jeremy Scott Fitness Get Lean Body Transformation Contest is BACK!! This is our 5th annual contest and as many of you know it’s for only the most dedicated, motivated, […]

Gluten Free Apple Pie -Get Lean Gluten Free

Gluten Free Apple Pie –Get Lean Gluten Free  Jeremy Scott -Jeremy Scott Fitness  Quick Gluten Free Apple Pie recipe in about 2-3 minutes! Yeah I know 2 minutes is this guy crazy, well it’s a little ghetto but if you watch the video below you will get the idea. This is a simple way to […]

Get Lean Holiday Handbook

Get Lean Holiday Handbook  Get Lean Gluten Free Series – Jeremy Scott & Kim Maes Hey guys quick post here -if you missed our 50 day Holiday Save Your Stomach Challenge – the next best thing is here. We have put together a quick killer get full of tips, meal layout, amazing recipes and much […]

Loaded Sweet Potatoes – Gluten Free – Kelly Groff

Loaded Sweet Potatoes – Gluten Free – Kelly Groff ISSA – Team Jeremy Scott Fitness I am always looking for new recipes to spice up my menu at home.  One of the things that I miss a lot since I have changed my eating habits is nachos.  I try to stay away from dairy and […]

"The scale does not determine my self worth."

 “The scale does not determine my self worth.” Your Scale Is Full Of Shit – Stop Listening To It Today! Jeremy Scott – Get Lean Gluten Free  The Scale is worthless…..100% worthless to you, me and everyone else out there! I know this because I use to be a scale bitch….meaning I would step on […]

How Often Do You Poop? Get Lean Gluten Free

How Often Do You Poop?  Jeremy Scott – Get Lean Gluten Free Many of you remember the popluar kids book Everyone Poops I know I do, and they have an adult version that is called Everybody Poops – and the main stat they throw is something like 410lbs a year…..yeah we literally dump 410lbs of […]