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Why YOU are NOT making progress

Why YOU are NOT making progress Your problem is NOT your workouts program…well for some of you it might be. For some of you, who are not super active or part of a community-training program or have a real coach your issue might in fact be your lack of working out or lack of workout […]

What Are The Best Fat Loss Tips?

What are the best fat loss tips? In this quick YouTube video watch me discuss how important nutrition and macro tracking are in your fat loss journey. I also touch on how critical  it is to have a strength training and HIIT program. As well as how sleep and stress each play an important role […]

3 Benefits of HIIT Training

3 Benefits of HIIT Training by Jeremy Scott Pick Up Your FREE HIIT Guide HERE  Most of you know you should be training with high intensity, but do you really know why? If for some reason you aren’t in the know – HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.   HIIT takes short intense bursts […]