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Thanksgiving Day 1000 Rep Workout

Thanksgiving Day 1000 Rep Damage Control Workout  This is one of my favorite rep count workouts to test not only physical but also your mental toughness as well. It’s my 1000 rep workout, I like to throw this session in every few months as a test, or use it as damage control before big holiday […]

Eccentric Insanity Jeremy Scott Men’s Health

Eccentric Insanity Jeremy Scott Men’s Health Jeremy Scott Scottsdale Personal Trainer dropping a quick Eccentric Focused workout to light up your upper body.   The Setup:  5 Pullups – 5 Second Eccentric Focus  5 Dips – 5 Second Eccentric Focus  5 Pushups – 5 Second Eccentric Focus  That’s 1 cycle complete 4 total cyles.  Enjoy […]

Why YOU are NOT making progress

Why YOU are NOT making progress Your problem is NOT your workouts program…well for some of you it might be. For some of you, who are not super active or part of a community-training program or have a real coach your issue might in fact be your lack of working out or lack of workout […]

5 Keys to Crush Your 2018 Goals

5 Keys to Crush Your 2018 Goals Simple truths to crush your goals in 2018 any questions just holler at me. 1 ~ Accept that taking responsibility is the most critical step you can make if you want to enjoy success in transformation, or anything in life…. Personal accountability is a must, 99% of the […]

You Do Have Time For Your Health

You Do Have Time For Your Health 24 Hours in a Day or as we like to say it 86,400 (86,400 seconds in a day) The biggest issue we hear from people is “they don’t have time to workout” Now I don’t know your life and there are for sure people who have crazy situations but […]

Beast of the Month – Heather Kile

HEATHER KILE ~ Beast of the Month  What brought you to Jeremy Scott Fitness and how long have you been a member? I saw the front cover of Scottsdale Health’s July 2013 issue and I wanted Jeremy’s mom’s abs.   How did you feel at the beginning when you joined? I felt weak, especially in […]

EMOM Training Jeremy Scott

EMOM Squat & Deadlift Training with Jeremy Scott  Bonus – EMOM Squat-Pull-Push 5 x 5 x 5 Training session  Jeremy Scott Fitness  Super quick EMOM lower body training with Squats & Deadlifts.  My simple crunched for time style….. On the minute every minute squat 225 x 5 reps for 15 straight minutes  Once you complete […]

Muscle Ropes Quick Finisher Workout -Jeremy Scott Fitness

Muscle Ropes Quick Finisher Workout -Jeremy Scott Fitness- Hey guys I am wanted to just touch on one quick training tool that we use a lot here at Jeremy Scott Fitness. We are talking about Muscle Ropes!!! My best advice to anyone looking to get a great training tool, or better yet if you are […]