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Daily Habits = Success

Daily Habits = Success Want to improve your health? You MUST improve your habits. You must be willing to make changes daily in the way you… Train Eat Sleep Handle Stress Manage Your Time You don’t need to change everything at once instead just focus on one day, one meal, one workout, one small habit […]

The Day I Skipped Work

The Day I Skipped Work ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness  Yesterday was the 1st day I haven’t gotten up at 3:50am or came into work all of 2018. I moved out here almost 10 years ago and this week was the first time my old man got a chance to come visit and see the business […]

Epic Life Advice….

Epic Life Advice…  If there is any natural superpower I was given it would have to be that I have never cared what other people thought about me or how I live my life.   Probably why I never really “fit in” or was the most “popular” kid….thanks goodness for sports!   My point: I […]

9 Things YOU Should Do Daily

9 Things YOU Should DO Daily 1 ~ Give more than you take from everyone, be their fountain NOT their drain. Aim for at least 51/49 split meaning you give them 51% and only take 49%…   2 ~ Treat people the way you wish to be treated…. practice empathy as often as you can. […]

Just Don’t Be an A**hole

Just Don’t Be an A**hole   Today’s message is tied to something very close to my personal core values “being nice to people” or to put it another way “just don’t be an a**hole”   This message came in from a Mother & Daughter in our 47-Day Transformation and I wanted to share it with […]

5 Keys to Crush Your 2018 Goals

5 Keys to Crush Your 2018 Goals Simple truths to crush your goals in 2018 any questions just holler at me. 1 ~ Accept that taking responsibility is the most critical step you can make if you want to enjoy success in transformation, or anything in life…. Personal accountability is a must, 99% of the […]

EMOM Training Jeremy Scott

EMOM Squat & Deadlift Training with Jeremy Scott  Bonus – EMOM Squat-Pull-Push 5 x 5 x 5 Training session  Jeremy Scott Fitness  Super quick EMOM lower body training with Squats & Deadlifts.  My simple crunched for time style….. On the minute every minute squat 225 x 5 reps for 15 straight minutes  Once you complete […]