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Oil Pulling 101 – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Oil Pulling –Jeremy Scott Fitness I went ahead and grabbed the book to get the full details!  Welcome to the world of Oil Pulling or Oil Pulling 101 as I like to call it! Now some of you are asking what the hell is is oil pulling? As was I about a week ago and […]

Healthy Pregnancy Nutrition & Supplements- Monica Millage CSCS

Healthy Pregnancy Nutrition & Supplements by Monica Millage CSCS – Team Jeremy Scott Fitness One of the most common questions I get now that I am pregnant is how my nutritional and supplemental needs have changed.  It actually surprised me how similar they are to my pre-pregnancy routine.  Of course there are things I’ve had […]

What are you cooking with? Jeremy Scott Fitness

 I will say this again fat is your friend, and if you have ever talked nutrition with me for more than 10 minutes you have heard it before.  Don’t FEAR the FAT!!!! So, that leads me to my next question what are you cooking with these days? Me personally I cook everything with coconut oil […]