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Get a Return on Your Investment

Get a Return on Your Investment   When I met my wife 8 years ago I:   Had NO Job Was watching 4 hours of TV a day (mostly Soap Net 90210, One Tree Hill & The OC) Was reading ZERO books Had less than $2,000 to my name TOTAL No life savings, no retirement […]

You Can’t Always Do More

You can’t always just do more… Trust me I wake up at 3:50am everyday, doing more for me at this point really isn’t possible, doing more won’t make me more successful.   Often times in the early stages of your fitness journey, career, relationship you can simply just do more and things will improve….   […]

15 Fitness Tips for 2015

~ 15 Fitness Tips for 2015 ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness  If you are looking to make a change, or simply stay on the path to health success we suggest following these 15 quick tips to start off 2015 with a bang!  Your training program and “diet” do not have an expiration date. Seek out something […]