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My Nightmare….

My Nightmare…. I use to have these horrible nightmares years ago and it would be the same dream over and over again….. It was me working the same 9-5 cubicle, office pool life! SCARY SH*T I would rather work 100 hours a week doing something I enjoy than work 40 hours a week doing something […]

Be More Human Jeremy Scott Fitness

Be More Human Jeremy Scott Fitness Recently I was humbled to work on a project with my homies over at Men’s Health Magazine & Reebok.   They headed out to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona to film a little day in the life series about myself and what Jeremy Scott Fitness is all about. Jeremy Scott Fitness […]

The Power of Compounding

The Power of Compounding ~ Jeremy Scott   Most of you have heard of this in the financial world, hopefully by your financial advisor.   Simple stupid it’s why you can invest $400 a month into the market for 30 years and become a millionaire – even though that $400 per month investment over 30 […]

Do What You Love…

Do What You Love…   In your daily life the normal M-F hustle do you do what you love? For a living or even a hobby?   What do you love doing?   I am sure there are a handful of things you love and have loved at various stages of your life.   Take […]

You DON’T need more “stuff”

You DON’T need more “stuff”   Many of us have too much of nothing.   We are drowning in possessions.   We hoard “stuff” we think we need that we would often be so much better without.   Look around your house, how many things can you find that you haven’t worn, touched or used […]

15 Fitness Tips for 2015

~ 15 Fitness Tips for 2015 ~ Jeremy Scott Fitness  If you are looking to make a change, or simply stay on the path to health success we suggest following these 15 quick tips to start off 2015 with a bang!  Your training program and “diet” do not have an expiration date. Seek out something […]

Beach Booty aka Better Butt

3 hot exercises to get that beach body booty! Kelly Groff – ISSA CFT – Jeremy Scott Fitness  As we approach beach body season, many of us females are focusing on the booty area. Yes we want a flat stomach but we DON’T want a flat butt. So what can we do to make that […]